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Hydrogen transfer and ZSM-5 in maximising propylene

Bart De Graaf, Mehdi Allahverdi, Charles Radcliffe, Martin Evans and Paul Diddams, Johnson Matthey Process Technologies.

2015 / Catalysis

Used at high concentrations to maximise propylene from the fluid catalytic cracking unit, ZSM-5 strongly influences a complex matrix of reactions

ZSM-5 additive maximises propylene Carl Keeley, Vasileios Komvokis, Modesto Miranda, David Harris and Jason Smith, BASF 2015 / Catalysis

Multi-stage phophorus treatment improves ZSM-5 zeolite stabilisation and creates more propylene producing acid sites

Increased activity in FCC pretreat Charles Olsen and Brian Watkins, Advanced Refining Technologies 2015 / Catalysis

Advances in metal chelation techniques deliver higher performance catalysts for FCC pretreat

Recovering and refining precious metals Bradford Cook and Robert Jacobsen, Sabin Metal Corp 2015 / Catalysis

Some factors to consider when choosing a route for recovering precious metals from catalyst

Structured catalysts for steam reformers William Whittenberger, Johnson Matthey Process Technologies Peter Farnell, Johnson Matthey Plc 2015 / Catalysis

A foil based catalyst aims to avoid the limitations of ceramic pellet substrates in steam reforming

Four-stage hydrocracking pretreatment Stefano Melis, Albemarle 2015 / Catalysis

A four-zone approach to hydrocracking pretreatment catalysis aims for greater flexibility in activity, stability, hydrogen consumption and pressure drop

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