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08/08/2019 Q: Drag Reducing Agent is being added in crude oil during cross country pipeline transfers .Crude oil will be processed in the refinery Crude column along with Drag reducing agent. In crude column the crude oil is subjected to very high temperature . The remains of drag reducing agent after thermal stressing will land in which stream ?  
07/08/2019 Q: Why are some reciprocating compressors using glycol for their cooling system in the recycle gas compressor while other don't have such as net gas booster compressor?  
06/08/2019 Q: Monitor antifoams concentration in amine slovent

We have treated silicon base antifoams in amine solvent to cure absorber foaming issue, and regularly monitor conc by analyze silicon content in slovent, due to silicon base antifoams have negative effect when overdose, we change to non-silicon base additive (polyglycol based chemicals); could anyone suggest how to measure conc. of non-silicon base additive?
06/08/2019 Q: Monitoring antifoam concentration in amine solvent

We have treated silicon base antifoams in amine solvent to cure absorber foaming issue, and we monitor addtive concentration regularly by analyze silicon content in slovent, due to silicon base additive has negative effect if overdose, we use non-silicon base additive (polyglycol based chemicals), how to measure non-silicon base additive conc. in amine solvent?
01/08/2019 Q: We have a reciprocating compressor (motor driven) at UOP CCR-Platforming unit. Service of this compressor is Hydrogen. Recently we have noticed that its lube oil temperatures are rising. We have checked the cooling water flow of the lube oil cooler and found it adequate. Please provide expert opinion regarding causes and remedies of rise in lube oil temperatures.We are using Shell Rimula R2 Multi 10W-30 (CF4) for lubrication. (1)
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