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12/04/2019 Q: In the our HDS unit it treat light distillate cut (Ibp 40 C Ebp 230 C) come to unit from CDU unit and after treated go again to CDU unit to separate the light distillate to products LSR , NAPHTHA and KEROSENE .
In the last 3 weeks till now we had tested Naphtha in the lab. for sulphur content and the result is > 1 ppm the normal result is < 0.5 ppm which is suitable for SR reforming unit as feed ...we do many changes in the operations setting in the stripper column but that change nothing. The stripper column bottom temperature maintained by circulating to furnace and we noted that the level in reflux drum increased abnormally in the last month so we increased the reflux flow rate to the overhead. Are there any recommendations for this situation?
18/04/2019 Q: We use DMDS for catalyse activation of hydrocraking, hydrotreatment unit and sometime for plaforming unit. DMDS is procured packed in metal drums. Our main issue is the treatment of waste dmds and also their containers. We have a quite subsequent amount of waste drums and chemicals. What are typical process or best practices about waste dmds management? (3)
23/04/2019 Q: I am doing hydro test in normal galvanized pipe. During hydro test the ambient temperature is 43 degree Celsius. Test pressure is 24 bar and holding time is 1 hour. The problem is when I set pressure in 24 bar after 1 hour of holding time it became 26.5 bar. Pressure increased 2.5 bar. Is there any scientific reason behind increasing 2.5 bar? (1)
03/10/2018 Q: Is there any limitation for taking Hydrogen rich off gases as feed to reformer? My doubt is whether excess hydrogen in the feed to reformer can it cause reversible reactions as steam methane reforming is reversible in reaction? (4)
22/04/2019 Q: On what terms HT/ MT/LT shift converters are decided for Hydrogen unit?