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13/10/2020 Q: Which technology and equipment is used for carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) from flue gases from a power plant?  
21/02/2017 Q: I want to load about 14 ton of CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) into a PSA Nitrogen Producer tank.
The tank is 5 meter tall with 2 m in diameter.
What is the best, simplest and fastest method to load the pellet of CMS into that big tank?
I consider this mortar screw pump and connect it to a long / extended hose to reach the top of the tank.
Within removing the agitator inside the hopper and used VFD/VSD to slow down the motor speed of Screw or Pump mechanism, will the screw still crunch or crush the CMS pellet?
Sorry for my English.
21/01/2015 Q: We have a kettle type reboiler with weir plate and its liquid outlet is going regenerator in benfield process of co2 removal in ammonia plant. Is it necessary or required to put vortex breaker in the reboiler liquid outlet? Which design is applicable for designod reboiler? (1)
29/11/2013 Q: In our system High co2 content reported in VDU off gas analysis i.e., nearly 10%v/v. VDU column operated at 70mmHG and off gas routed in heater without any trapping of H2S. What are possible reasons for high CO2 and O2 content in VDU off gas?
H2 % v/v 9.27
CO2 % v/v 9.61
C1 % v/v 33.04
C2 % v/v 15.00
C3 % v/v 17.44
C4+ % v/v 15.68
03/05/2013 Q: We are studying the feasibility to capture CO2 from our HMU ( Hydrogen manufacturing unit) reformer.
At the outlet of PSA 50-55% CO2 is available ina wate gas stream. Has anybody had experience of CO2 capture feasibility from waste gas stream?
09/12/2012 Q: Is it a myth or reality that in a refinery fired heater for the same throughput, same coil outlet temperature and everything else being the same, a fuel oil fired furnace will give a lower skin temperature in the convection section than a natural gas fired one? (5)
10/04/2012 Q: When you have a scenario of low sulfur diesel (50 ppm), what is the impact of Diesel viscosity at 40°C on vehicle emissions? (1)
17/03/2009 Q: How will impending changes in marine diesel specifications affect bunker and residual fuels? Is there a long-term shift away from bunkers and residuals? Will this result in some niche opportunities for refiners? (1)
07/08/2008 Q: In addressing refinery CO2 management, can you comment on CO2 curtailment from on-purpose hydrogen plants through "minimised" involuntary'steam, internal heat recycle and captive integration?
12/02/2008 Q: What developments are taking place for catalytic photosynthesis of Carbondioxide to Oxygen and carbohydrate or useful products which can be used to reduce CO2 emissions from Furnace stacks? (2)