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Which are the causes of an temperature increasing inside of an absorber tower amine-gas? anf if this happens what are the amount of increasing, our operational inlet temperature amine is 45°C (113°F), gas 39°C (102 °F), outlet gas temperature is 60 °C (140 °F).
11/09/2016 A: Leonardo Leite Garcia de Souza, Petrobras SA / Duque de Caxias Refinery, llgs394041@yahoo.com.br
It sounds like your lean amine flow rate is excessively low for the current gas feed flowrate/acid gases content. The absortion of acid gases (H2S/CO2) releases heat and it is normal to see an increase in the temperature of the amine solution throughout the absorber, from top to bottom, but the majority of this temperature difference should be seen just a few meters above the gas feed inlet nozzle: this is the zone of the column where more than 50 % of the acid gases are absorbed. However, if you are "running low" on lean amine flowrate, the height of the "reaction zone" grows and it can reach the top of the column in extreme cases. You should also take a look at your free amine content in the lean stream, since it could grow the height of the reaction zone too, if lower than 10 % in weight (it should be around 15 - 20 %).