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Remote Isolation Valve (RIV) Fire-Protection Requirement
We use pneumatic RIVs in our system for shut-off operation during emergency condition (for example, fire). Two valve types selected used in these services, one is Ball valve, and the other is Triple Eccentric Butterfly valve. All air failure to close (AFC) design.
Since AFC design, we didn’t make specific fire protection requirement for actuators of RIVs.
There is a revamp project, licenser request actuators and instruments of RIVs shall be protected by thermal insulated boxes. According to information from vendors, the box is heavy and difficult to maintain.
Do we need fire-proof actuator even AFC design?
26/10/2011 A: G KAMALAKANNAN, Foster Wheeler India Ltd, siddhukamal@yahoo.co.in
As per my experience, API-553 (Refinery Valves and Accessories for control and Safety Instrumented Systems), indicates an alternate method to avoid fire proofing to the actuator and the valve body. API suggests the use of a fusible plug for connecting the open pneumatic port of the actuator. Please refer the latest API-553 and check/comply the alternative requirements to avoid the FIRE PROOFING box. You may inform the same to Licensor (quoting the particular clause reference of API-553) and take their concurrence.
Please note that FAIL SAFE design (in this case, valve should be air fail to CLOSE) should be followed for this remote operated isolation valve. Pneumatic type actuator is the best design for this service.