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For reducing SOx contents in exhaust of Gas Turbine (power plant operations), what could be suitable process?
I was thinking about scrubbers, but not sure if it is practical to handle a flow of 30MMSCFD flue gases for scrubbing?
02/07/2016 A: Prakash Pimparkar, Environmental Consulting Services , prakash.pimparkar@yahoo.in
It is not a practice to provide treat GT exhaust for de-sulphurisation. It is invariably achieved by specifying sulphur contents of Feed gas. Though you may do De-Nox on exhaust (being thermal process)
It is more complicated as you mqy have to reheat the exhaust before discharge through stack.Also being wet you will end up in disposal problem for purge De-Sox solvent and Calcium sulphate (Gypsum) sludge, it is a messy way.