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What are the potential causes for higher pressure drop in FCC stripper column?
01/09/2016 A: Leonardo Leite Garcia de Souza, Petrobras SA / Duque de Caxias Refinery, llgs394041@yahoo.com.br
Water accumulation can cause high pressure drop in a FCC stripper column. I've already seen it in a couple of FCC units: the bottom of the column is hot enough to vaporize water, but it is recondensed before reaching the top and accumulates in a intermediate section, which can cause the column to flood at some point. That's why some designs add a draining pot to the lower part of the column intermediate pump-around heat-exchanger: to get rid of the accumulated water and prevents flooding. Nevertheless, this water is coming from the upstream process, you should take a look at your high pressure drum. Best regards.
28/08/2016 A: Eric Hennings, Technip Stone & Webster, EHennings@technip.com
High pressure drop can occur if the internal reflux is not distributed properly. There have been cases where the liquid flow path allows more flow to a particular downcomer. This phenominon occurs at higher throughput.
A scan of the tower at incipience flooding is recommended.
04/07/2016 A: Krishna Chaitanya Voodi, Schneider Electric India Limited, krishnachaitanyavoodi@yahoo.in
Maybe because of non condensible vapours accumulation at the top of the tower..what is your reflux percentage
28/06/2016 A: Ralph Ragsdale, Ragsdale Refining Courses, ralph.ragsdale@att.net
Most likely a higher vapor rate through the trays.