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Does anyone know about the economic feasibility of Organic Rankine Cycle in Crude Distillation Unit? We are having sub-cooled condenser duty of 20-24 GKcal/hr with overhead temperature in range of 120-130°C.
22/02/2017 A: Morgan Rodwell, Fluor Canada Limited, morgan.rodwell@fluor.com
The economic feasibility of ORC in any process unit is very location specific, and is particularly tied to the price of electricity. If electricity is expensive, then an ORC can be economically viable. The overhead temperature range you have is "high", which is good and would allow for a higher boiling point fluid which should improve economics. But it will also depend on your location - is the condensing temperature low (air or water cooling)? What is the variability in that temperature (summer/winter, day/night), because that can have significant impact on the output. A conceptual engineering study would be necessary to decide if it was economic.