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We have a reciprocating compressor (motor driven) at UOP CCR-Platforming unit. Service of this compressor is Hydrogen. Recently we have noticed that its lube oil temperatures are rising. We have checked the cooling water flow of the lube oil cooler and found it adequate. Please provide expert opinion regarding causes and remedies of rise in lube oil temperatures.We are using Shell Rimula R2 Multi 10W-30 (CF4) for lubrication.
25/09/2019 A: Vishnu Prasad, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, prasadvishnu@hpcl.in

How do you control the lube oil temperature? Is there any control system available to bypass the cooler in case cooling water temperature is too low? Or is it just governed by the cooling water temperature? In many cases a temperature control element is provided, malfunctioning of which can cause lube oil to bypass the cooler resulting in high lube oil temperature.
06/08/2019 A: Bruce Carr, Suncor Inc, bcarr@suncor.com
Flow of cooling water isn't really much of an indicator. What's the difference in the inlet and outlet temperature of both the lube oil and the cooling water. That will tell you if the cooler is fouled....There are a great many factors, What type of cooler is it? Tube and shell? Is the cooling water on a cooling tower? Any changes in load on the compressor?