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How do you determine the cracking temperature for unknown heavy crudes in Atmospheric heater and vacuum heater? For vacuum heater does this cracking temperature depends on the vacuum and coil steam? Are there any lab methods or correlation methods to determine this?
07/07/2011 A: Rajeev Kumar, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, rajeevkumar@bharatpetroleum.in
The cracking temperature can be determined by simple lab experiments. The conventional laboratory distillation set-up can be used. You may charge the sample quantity as per size of the kettle and supply heat as per conventional heating rate (manually). you may take the reference of ASTM D2892/D5236 method of TBP/vacuum distillation for heating rate. The condensor temperature vary according to vapor temperature profile observed. The temperature of liquid (inside the kettle) at which the vapor pressure starts going down because of lighters get produced at cracking, the liquid temperature, you may call the cracking temperature.