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I need information about mechanism of steam turbine associated with recycle gas compressor and also the function of dry seal gas, secondary separation and separation gas. I would also like to understand the reason of tripping in high vibration.
10/04/2018 A: LAKHAN PATIDAR, HPCL-MITTAL ENERGY LIMITED, patidarlakhan3@gmail.com
If you use electric motor as a driver of recycle gas compressor it's electricity cost is more instead of steam cost and any power failure chance is greater instead of steam failure.
In recycle gas compressor we use 3 type of seal primary secondary and tertiary. Primarily seal prevent hydrocarbon leakage from compressor to atmosphere and secondary seal use when primary seal failed. tertiary seal prevent mixing of lube oil and secondary seal hydrocarbon.
If high vibration in compressor may be chances to damage internal parts of compressor like bearing, shaft, internal transmitter or foundation so trip interlock given with vibration.