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We have Spent Catalyst inventory. The new catalyst diameter is 1.6 mm and the minimum Spent catalyst diameter is 1 mm. The spent catalyst has about 3wt% carbon. This catalyst was in use for 10 years. After 7 years operation we have added fresh catalyst in it as spent catalyst diameter is decreased.
Before selling the spent catalyst, we want to recover fresh catalyst of high diamater. Forum is requested to share its opinion that this is possible by sieving. What are other options? The spent catalyst is very costly.

24/04/2012 A: Randy Alexander, EURECAT, randy.alexander@eurecat.com
A regeneration company should be able to separate particles of this size. It sounds like this is a spherical catalyst, is that correct?
It is typically better to regenerate the catalyst prior to screening. When oily (un-regenerated) catalyst is screened, dust and fines will often stick to the good material, and then wash off later once the unit is restarted. I have seen beds plug off within a matter of minutes of a restart when this occurs.
Regeneration will also remove the carbon, returning a "like-new" catalyst to you.