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Why do certain FCC Units need to use CO-promoters?
30/08/2012 A: Kalpesh Unadkat, L&T-Chiyoda Limited, unadkatkc@hotmail.com
Afterburnig is a phenomenan which happens in Dilute phase of the Regenerator. Generally, There will be small temperature difference betwee Dilute and Dense Phase temperatures. If Dilute phase temperature becomes much Higher, which may be the result of unbunrnt CO (due to incomplete combustion of Carbon) converted to CO2 with the excess oxygen availale in Dilute phase. Chemical reaction for forming CO2 from CO is Heighly Exothermic and releases Heat.
CO Promotor is additive catalyst, which helps, CO to burn in Dense phase only to maitain Regenerator Downstream system Design temperature below Mechanical Design Limits.
14/10/2011 A: Saugata Palit, Intercat India Ltd, spalit@intercatinc.com
CO promoters are required to control afterburn. There are several CO-Promoters available in the market to control afterburn. Generally Pt based promoters, though effective, cause increase in NOx emission, so non-Pt based promoters are also available in the market to solve the problem.
14/03/2010 A: Pawan Gupta, Essar Oil Limited, Pawan.Gupta@essaroil.co.in
In full combustion FCC unit CO promoter required to control the after burn in flue gas.