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What is the purpose of the weep hole in the chimney tray?
24/06/2010 A: Vishnu Ram A S, RIL, vishnu.selvaraj@ril.com
During shut down of the unit total decontamination is required. For this purpose these weep holes are provided in the accumulation trays and seal pans of the down comer. Otherwise man entry into the column for any job won't be possible.
23/06/2010 A: Ralph Ragsdale, Ragsdale Refining Courses, ralph.ragsdale@att.net
In general, weep holes are for facilitating draining and gas freeing for entry. If a chimney tray has a bottom nozzle for pumping or gravity flow during operation, a weep hole would not be needed for the usual purpose. However, many chimney trays have side suction nozzles very close to the bottom of the tray, but would leave residual liquid on the tray during draining and steaming. Thus the weep hole.
23/06/2010 A: Celso Pajaro, Sulzer Chemtech, celso.pajaro@sulzer.com
A well designed chimney tray does not require weep hole provide that the draw off nozzle is flush with the chimney floor; but if the draw off nozzle is not flush with the chimney floor, or the design of the chimney will allow liquid accumulation after the column is shut down, then a weep hole is provided in order to avoid liquid accumulation in the tray after the column has been shut down.