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We are using AXENS Catalyst RG-682 (Naphtha Reforming) and HR-538 (Naphtha Hydrotreating).
Now, my question is what is the actual life time of these two Catalyst? How many times it can possible to regenerate RG-682 & HR-538?
18/05/2017 A: Sridhar Balakrishnan, Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited, laksrid@yahoo.com
The life time of any reforming and hydrotreating catalyst depends , primarily on the feedstock type . If cracked feedstock and tougher feedstocks are used then the lifecycle of catalyst may reduce. Given catalysts name of M\s Axens company are high performance catalyst. Generally the life cycle of any hydrotreating and reforming catalyst should be four to five years.
17/05/2017 A: Saidul Hasan, Super Petrochemical (Pvt) Limited, hasanceps@yahoo.com
In Axens RG Series manual said Catalyst Life time is 6 years. I also think this 6 years means operational 6 years with design condition. Is there any relative equation to compare actual life time and design life time?
17/05/2017 A: Wang Tzu Hong, Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, 424606@rffpcc.com.tw
Technically, it depends on the operating conditions, feed contaminate, severity of operation (ppH2, LHSV..), the regen company (porocel, eurecat.. ) & catalyst supplier have the criteria.
15/05/2017 A: Ganesh Maturu, Reliance Industries Limitied, maturu.ganesh@gmail.com
Regarding HR538, life time or cycle length depends on many factors like severity of operation (feed and prod sulfur spec), operating pressure, and LHSV is another important parameter. So it is difficult to tell based on just catalyst name. Typically NHT unit designed to reach its EOR at the same time of reformer as the feed to reformer comes from NHT. Industry practise is to design both units for5-6 years
15/05/2017 A: Virendra Kapoor, Petroleum Refining Consultants, vkkapoor9@yahoo.com
Both are very good catalysts. They may cross guaranteed & estimated life. You can make predictions based on performance. History shows the reforming & pretreatment catalysts have lasted much more than estimated lives.