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We would like to go for absorber to remove water from methyl acetate.
Feed composition: Methyl Acetate: 99% and water 0.75 % and rest are methanol and acetic acid.
I would like to know which type of absorbent I have to choose to absorb water from methyl acetate.
It will be great help, if someone can throw light on this.
23/03/2011 A: RAUL FLORES, PDVSA INTEVEP, fraulf@hotmail.com
One way to remove water to a few ppm is using molecular sieves. This adsorbent is very expensive but you can reach a very low water content. An alumina does the same, less expensive, but the remnant water would be some tens of ppm; both support regeneration. In the other hand you can use non-regenerative absorbents like calcium salts; metal hydroxides are cheaper but would be some ester chemical reaction/disproportionation and/or acetic acid sequestration.