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At a compressor's steam turbine, frequent vibrations are faced at Journal bearings. The vibrations go from normal 13microns to about 45 microns. Steam temp and pressure are normal We previously faced oil charring issue at the bearings and the problem was rectified by applying nitrogen in the seal. We suspect that the same problem has reappeared. Can anyone suggest how can we confirm if this is oil charring and how the issue can be resolved?
18/04/2019 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
You should check the oil temperatures into and out of each bearing. Also test the oil for viscosities and particularly any Increase in lube oil viscosity. Monitor everything to see if vibration increase is accompanied with change in lube oil temp. Be sure and monitor the oxidation and other deterioration of the lube oil.
Are the vibration variations starting suddenly and ending the same, or, are the increases/decreases gradual over hours/days ?
That the vibrations come and go indicates shedding of deposits from the rotor as a possible factor.
28/10/2018 A: Chirag Pethani, Reliance industries ltd, pethpethanichirag3113@gmail.com
Can you provide some additional information? What is location of your gland steam condenser is it above or below turbine surface.??