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We use semi-catalytic reforming to produce gasoline with LPG as a byproduct. Our problem is the LPG copper strip corrosion test reads 4b as a mean high. Any recommendations to decrease this value to 1a or 1?
01/10/2020 A: Sridhar Balakrishnan, Bharat Oman Refineries Limited , laksrid@yahoo.com
You need to check the LPG product for the following contaminations: hydrogen sulphide, elemental sulphur or presence of caustic. Check the feedstock if it is from the cracking unit; the chances of elemental sulphur or carbon disulphide contamination can be high.

30/09/2020 A: Nagarathinam S Murthy, Ashphil Consultancy, Chennai, nssvdvr@gmail.com
Normally, Cu corrosion of LPG fails with H2S in the product. There is a tendency to maximize LPG from every secondary unit which could lead to such. Check the level of C2 (ethane or ethylene) in LPG ex-reformer. Also, with this there will be H2S slip. Minimise DMDS dosing in the reformer and check for any caustic carryover in rundown post caustic wash of the LPG. Last but not the least, use dedicated bombs to collect LPG samples.