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What Catalyst is good to upgrade a small Diesel Hydrotreater rated for 2200 BPSD in 1980, and what charge rate will be OK if available cut is Straight Run 315-371ºC TBP from Cusiana Crude? As per assay at http://portal.ecopetrol.com.co/categoria.aspx?catID=37
This cut shows ºAPI= 29.3, Sulfur= 0.271 %Wt, Total Nitrogen= 0.0202 %Wt, Cetane Index=55, and AROMATICS by SHEL method as follows: 3.52 %Wt for monoARO, 2.95 %Wt for diARO, 4.04 5Wt for TriARO, and 0.58 %Wt for TetraARO.
Reactor volume is 4 feet ID x 18 feet T/T rated for 900 psig at 800 ºF.
The unit has been hydrotreating 3000 BPSD of a kerosene cut. Hydrogen comes from the reformer (81.5 %H2), but pure hydrogen can be purchased locally if required for makeup.

07/10/2008 A: Samuel Sinanan, IPSL, Samuel.Sinanan@ipsl.co.tt
Well, your hydrogen partial pressure is good. Your LHSV at maximum throughput is 3.0. I have experience with Albermarle KF-757 in a similar service with good results.