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What are the main contributes to CDU (crude distillation unit) and what is the benchmark or reasonable percentage of loss across CDU?
04/01/2017 A: NS Murthy, Suez, murthy.ns.ext@suez.com
The hydrocarbon loss is typically what operations management can tolerate. in CDU / VDU (as it is mostly coupled unit) one need to look at the following locations for hydrocarbon loss.
1.Non-condensed lower hydrocarbons (C2, H2S, etc.) going out of the unit to flare from overhead accumulator drums and in some cases from stabilizer top.
2. Lighter vapours from ejector condenser exhaust.
3. Oil under carry from brine of desalters
4. Sampling & drains.
5. Equipment handing over taking over and drains / flushing to closed blow downs.
Well all put together the loss from CDU / VDU shall not be more than 0.005% on crude processed.
27/12/2016 A: Salim Al Maqbali, Orpic, salim.ali.almaqbali@orpic.om
Desalter brine