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How can I determine the amount of stripping steam for a side stripper?
03/04/2017 A: Rajkumar Chate, Sulzer, rajkumar.chate@sulzer.com
General thumb rule is 0.5-2% of the stripped product but this is not the only criteria. It depends on the 5% of the product you want to control or any other product specification like flash point. if you have good separation in column between two adjacent product (like Naphtha-Kero) then you don't need much stripping steam in side stripper. One thing is a product specification control and another is tray/packing operation. Very low amount of stripping steam in side stripper will results in poor hydraulics and desired separation may not be achieved. Side strippers have high liquid load while vapor load will be depends on amount of stripping steam we add and the light component stripped from liquid. There should be enough stripping steam to side stripper to operate trays properly. Generally side strippers have low efficiencies and one of the reason is high liquid load and low vapour load.
Adding stripping steam will improve the separation but it will also increase the load on overhead system and sour water.
01/04/2017 A: Ganesh Maturu, Self, maturu.ganesh@gmail.com
Typical guideline for maintaining side stripper stripping steam is maintain enough stripping steam flow which gives min 15% vapor of total liq entering the stripper. This is just thumbrule... you may optimize by checking flash point of the side stripper product.
01/04/2017 A: Ralph Ragsdale, Ragsdale Refining Courses, ralph.ragsdale@att.net
New units are designed for 0.1-0.3 lbs/gal of side product. You can experiment with more or less by inspecting the yield differences.