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We are facing a great problem with our pipelines near cooling tower. The water vapor/mist from cooling tower causing corrosion of these pipelines. We are using enamel paints but did not help us much. Please help me to find out a solution to protect the pipelines from the corrosion.

24/08/2014 A: G Deepu, BPCL KOCHI REFINERY, deepu9430@gmail.com
Go for epoxy painting..1 coat of protectomastic primer+1 coat of MIO + 2 Coats of polyurethane epoxy..
03/05/2013 A: Dhiren Rindani, Reliance Industries Ltd, dhiren.rindani@ril.com
I think you are stopping a fan of some of the cell of CT but not isolating water. It creates mist which corrodes the pipes. If you isolate water also whenever you stop fan possibly the painting will last longer.
23/05/2012 A: Bruce Carr, Suncor Inc, bcarr@suncor.com
We have had good results with this product "reactivegel" It is smeared on the pipe and then wrapped.... It is self healing, if scraped or punctured.... I think this is the company's website http://www.reactivegel.com