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What is the factor of amount of particulate in the flue gas from boiler? The fuel of boiler is fuel gas and fuel oil from the Olefins plant.
08/06/2009 A: Prakash Pimparkar, Environmental Consulting Services , prakash.pimparkar@yahoo.in
The best bet would be to use emission factors published by the US EPA. These give emissions uncontrolled per ton of fuel burnt viz kg of SPM/1000Kg of Fuel Oil .
Use to calculate the individual load add emissions from both Fuel OIl and Gas (you can neglect PM emissions for practical purpose).
Calculate the flue gas quantity (which depends on - Combustion air + excess air + Fuel in Tonns or Kg ) calculate the Normal M3 of flue gasses.
Divide the Kg of PM emissions ( Gas + Fuel Oil) obtained from emission factors by the NM3 to get Kg/NM3.
Multiply by 1000,000 to get mg/NM3 of particulates.