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If my gasoline pool is not limited by Rvp, then is it advisable to go for a isomerization unit if I have iso pentane availability. Iso pentane RON is 83.5 and isomerate is 87.5
28/09/2009 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
The first answer , given by Amarjit Bakshi, is exactly correct in my opinion.
23/09/2007 A: Amarjit Bakshi, Refining Hydrocarbon Technologies LLC, abakshi@rhtgulfcoast.com
It is perfectly sensible to use this isopentane stream as is, but it might need some economics to be done to find out if you need to put a splitter and provide only isomerization, for n-pentane separated stream from the splitter.
You need to perform an economic analysis on how many octane barrels you are loosing by adding as is stream or by separating the stream and providing a smaller isomerization unit. This splitter could be part of isomerization unit if one is going to go for recycle deisopentanizer isomerization unit. It might be useful to see if you have hexane (C6 stream ) available for isomerization, in the same unit than you have additional octane barrels available to you, and ecnomics might enhance to suggest for isomerization unit installation. It all depends on economics, based on just 4 RON points. It might not be that economical depending on octane barrels obtained from the only pentane isomerization unit and adding the C6 paraffin stream to it. Also it depends on your requirements for octane for your gasoline pool.......