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Kindly if any one can tell me about preactivation step "precoking" is it necessary and which type of catalyst is used for and what is precoking function?
09/02/2018 A: Mohamed Abdelhafez , Erc, Mhmdabdelhafez@gmail.com
@Robert Stults: you mean that hyperactive sites at the catalyst which are tempered by precoking step are the reason for excessive coking formation at catalyst surface?
09/02/2018 A: Robert Stults, Eurecat US, bstults@eurecat.com
Eurecat’s Totsucat CFP treatment mimics the 3-day break-in period on straight run. After the hydrotreating catalyst is activated in our unit, a layer of soft coke is created on the catalyst. During that phase, the activity of the hyperactive sites of the catalyst are tempered, which eliminates the possibility of excessive coking and gum formation due to the highly reactive diolefins and other unsaturated components, as well as poly aromatics in coker naphtha. While during a conventional “old-school” in-situ start-up, this is achieved by running 3 days under straight run after start-up, we achieve the same results in our industrial units which process Totsucat CFP. Eurecat has over 200 customer references for Totsucat CFP.