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What are the treatment methods for removal of butyl mercaptan from LPG stream?
07/06/2019 A: Egbert van Hoorn, Hocon B V, Egbertvh@hotmail.com
Butyl mercaptan can not be present in LPG streams. It is too heavy to be in this fraction.
06/06/2019 A: Eric Vetters, ProCorr Consulting Services, ewvetters@yahoo.com
Butyl mercaptan, which has a boiling point of 208 F, would not normally be found to any great extent in LPG. Mercaptans are normally removed in an extractive process. UOP merox technology is the most common approach. Merichem also has technology using their fiber film technology.
The process basically uses caustic to convert the mercaptan to a water soluble sodium mercaptide. The caustic is then regenerated with air and the mercaptan is converted to a disulfide stream, which is not water soluble. This disulfide stream is then decanted and fed to an existing hydrotreater to be further processed. Larger mercaptans are harder to extract into the aqueous phase than lighter mercaptans so extraction efficiency decreases with increasing mercaptan mol wt.