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In our crude distillation unit, Main Fractionator bottom pump (Service RCO) is having frequent primary seal leak, period varying from 8 hours to around 2 weeks. The crude processed is North Gujarat Crude which is a high TAN crude having RCO potential of about 65%. Suction specific speed was checked which is well above its rated value.
How this problem can be solved ?
10/04/2016 A: Bruce Carr, Suncor Inc, bcarr@suncor.com
Would need a lot more information..... When you say Primary seal I assume you are using a Dual Seal... Is it a Seal Plan 52,53 A or B, or Plan 54.... Hopefully not an Emission Containment Seal. Does it have another Seal Plan as well? Hopefully a Plan 32. If so what product are you using as Seal Flush? When you say the SSS is well above the rated you would want as low a number as possible preferably ~9000. More importantly, where is the pump running in relation to its Best Efficiency Point (BEP) on the pump curve? Does the pump have a suction screen? is it clean? Is it an Overhung Pump or an In Between Bearing?
Do you know if the operators know how the seal system works and are they commissioning the pump correctly. Are they warming the pump up too quickly? Is the pump being Hot Aligned properly once the pump is warmed up? Is there a GOOD well written procedure for the operators to follow?
For that low a MTBF it sounds like there are multiple issues.