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Please share the detailed procedure of KMnO4 washing of Vacuum Column.
Can KMnO4 washing be done before steaming and hot water wash of column ?
Also, if KMnO4 washing is to be done after steaming and hot water wash then whether column is to be cooled to ambient condition.
Any requirement of cold / hot water wash of column after KMnO4 washing is completed ?
02/04/2019 A: Pankaj Patil, IOCL, patilpankaj@indianoil.in
Thanks for reply.
Can you share detailed procedure ? Whether this chemical needs to be injected from column top reflux line or individual IR / CR circuits also to be involved for better distribution over packed beds (there
is always a debate between these two approach). What is the concentration required for this chemical and how this concentration is being maintained throughout the course of washing.
Is this chemical easily treated in effluent plants ?
What is the cost of this chemical and ~ quantity required for column volume of 1100 m3 with 5 packed beds ?
24/03/2019 A: Berthold Otzisk, Kurita Europe GmbH, Berthold.Otzisk@kurita-water.com
Why do you want to use an old-fashioned KMnO4 Vacuum column washing procedure ? This is a technology, which is very outdated and meanwhile replaced with far more powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning and decontamination technologies.
Drain the vacuum column and fill it 20-30% of its volume with clean water. Circulate the water from top to the bottom (an installation of a flexible hose from bottom pup to top section may help). Add steam to provide a wash water temperature of 60 – 80°C. Add 1.2 – 2.0 wt% KURITA CD-5201 to the wash water and circulate this cleaning solution 6 – 8 hours. Drain the dirty wash water and flush the distillation column with fresh water until the effluent water is clean. Steam the column for 2 – 4 hours. Than cool down the system for opening of the column. Ready.
KURITA CD-5201 will safely eliminate pyrophoric iron sulfide (FexSy) and will remove carcinogenic benzene, toxic hydrogen sulfide and other hazardous volatile hydrocarbons. KURITA CD-5201 offers a mild oxidation of pyrophoric iron sulfide and will not attack the metal surface.