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Can we route stripped sour water to a cooling water circuit?
17/11/2020 A: Dipankar Phukan, Indian Oil Corporation, dipankarphukan79@yahoo.com
Yes you can. But if the sour water is from a hydrotreater, it will contain high ammonia, which is not desirable. Oil and gas should be ideally below 5 ppm or as-per your cooling water treatment programme design parameters. Both these contaminants are detrimental as far as corrosion and fouling is concerned in the cooling water circuit.
12/11/2020 A: Jerome Dufour, Nalco Water, jdufour@ecolab.com
Reuse of process water is always a challenge, especially when this water contains corrosive species such as sulphides. We invite you to reach out to Ecolab SMEs via our website to better understand the concerns and work on a pretreatment.
09/11/2020 A: Morgan Rodwell, Fluor Canada Limited, morgan.rodwell@fluor.com
I wouldn't do that. Stripped sour water still contains H2S and NH3, and may contain other species that are corrosive/toxic,, like HCN or HCOOH, that could cause problems in the cooling water circuit.