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We are currently considering a spare LPG pump which has a seal plan of API 53D. The concern is that the LPG pump will load LPG to barges and with this seal plan, LPG contamination will occur since leak of barrier fluid to LPG is part of the seal plan. What barrier fluid should be used that is compatible with LPG that will not affect its purity?
23/07/2018 A: Bruce Carr, Suncor Inc, bcarr@suncor.com
The amount of leakage will be miniscule, unless there is a seal failure shouldn't be any noticeable contamination... ppb.... I don't know of any heat transfer oil that is compatible with LPG ... If it is an issue better with a plan 52 with a Plan 21 for seal lubrication or if its vertical a 52 with a 14.....