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What is the cracking temperature of Vacuum Residue?
17/07/2019 A: Joel Kaye, Retired from UOP & Tesoro, kaye13@gmail.com
Mr Reddy's answer is applicable for extra heavy Canadian crude. For a more typical crude (20-40 API) VDU furnace can be run at a 750 F outlet without appreciable cracking.
21/05/2019 A: Prabhakar Reddy, Suncor Energy Inc, preddy@suncor.com
It all depends on the feed properties. In our unit cracking in VDU furnace occurs as low as 660 - 670F. Normally we target 695F as Max COT and we do pig the heater every 2 yrs. Our feed API ~ 7 with MCR ~ 13.5-14 wt % with asphaltenes around 14-16 wt % .