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We have kerosene hydro bone unit (desulphurization unit) , we faced technical problem which is non-improving (WSIM) water separometer index modified specification .
what is the mean thing that effect in (WSIM), and how can we improve it?
By the way, the reactor system of kerosene hydro bone unit is isolated.
13/03/2018 A: RAUL FLORES, PDVSA INTEVEP, fraulf@hotmail.com
WSIM, Water Separation Index Modified, implies precisely that: water separation. From what? The key is the emulsion viewed in terms of the triangle kerosene, water, and surfactant. No surfactant, no emulsion. No emulsion, no turbidity. No turbidity, better the WSIM. It is very "strange" that an hydrotreater does not remove a surfactant. Be aware about contaminations along the kerosene cut. The usual way to improve the WSIM parameter is filtrating the stream with attapulgus clay.
By the way, what does it means that the "hydro bone is isolated"? And, where is captured the sample to measure the WSIM? Be aware with the jet fuel storage and the cleaness of the tanks.
13/03/2018 A: Sridhar Balakrishnan, Bharat Oman Refineries Limited , laksrid@yahoo.com
WSIM value of kerosene product s not improving means, may be due to presence of some polar species or surface active agents in the fuel which draws some water, causing WSIM value to drop.