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Iam working in Indian Refining company.Our company is in the process of putting up two SRU (one working and one standby).Two trains of SRU with common TGTU has been planned. Whether common Incinerator+ WHB or dedicated Incinerator+WHB should be preferred is the question.
09/01/2020 A: Pronab Mistry, ADNOC Gas Processing, pronab88@yahoo.com
There are SRUs with a common Incinerator for TWO units, but a common WHB sounds unusual and not realistic. A common TGTU may work. Again a common Incinerator will create problems when you need one SRU shut down and another unit keeps running.
17/06/2019 A: Eric Vetters, ProCorr Consulting Services, ewvetters@yahoo.com
Incinerator and WHB are normally pretty reliable so you could probably get away with a single unit for both trains. I am more concerned about using a common TGTU. I have seen instances where the TGTU was significantly less reliable than the SRU. If your TGTU goes down, you would need to bypass it directly to the incinerator. If you can live with the resulting emissions this might be OK. If you can't live with the emissions I would also have a second TGTU to match up with the SRU's.