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How do you measure the CO2 emissions from your plant and can you specify the CO2 emissions from individual pieces of equipment?
09/11/2007 A: Mark Roach, Clean Air Engineering, Inc., mroach@cleanair.com
Analyzers that measure CO2 are readily available . Most analyzers do it on a continuous basis. These instruments use for example gas filter corelation (GFC) detectors. Some units are portable while others are stored in an environmentally controlled trailer usually with other monitors.
The source (equipment) you are testing will determine if the sample needs to be conditioned prior being analyzed. Conditioning can consist of particulate filtering, moisture remove and scrubbing out corrosive compounds.
These instruments and be purchased or rented.
26/10/2007 A: KengYong Chan, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc, chanky@apci.com
I know some companies are using the GHG - Greenhouse Gas Protocol - calculation method to determine the quantity of GHG emission, which includes other green house gases beside CO2. Using a generally accepted calculation method will ensure consistency and valid comparison between various companies in the same sector.
Here is the link - http://www.ghgprotocol.org/templates/GHG5/layout.asp?type=p&MenuId=ODQ5......