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How are existing distillate hydrotreaters revamped to process higher volumes of feedstocks performing? What are some of the latest reactor and catalyst improvements that permit processing higher volumes of FCC LCO, coker naphtha or light coker gas oil through the distillate hydrotreater, and what are the corresponding benefits to downstream naphtha hydrotreater performance?
23/06/2008 A: Randy Alexander, EURECAT, randy.alexander@eurecat.com
Many revamped ULSD units have experienced 6-12 month longer campaigns than was originally anticipated. The newly installed distribution plates and high activity catalysts are performing well.
Our company, Eurecat, offers a preactivation technique for HDS catalysts called Totsucat CFP. The CFP stands for cracked feed protection. Normally a hydrotreater can only use straight run feed for the first three days after startup so that the catalyst activity can subside. However, catalysts presulfided with Totsucat CFP can start up with cracked feeds (coker naphtha, LCO) without the three day delay.