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I am trying to identify a substitute for caustic soda in a desalter. My client wants to reduce his caustic spend volatility. Is there anything available which serves the same purpose as caustic and is as price competitive?
16/02/2011 A: Stefan van der Wal, Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics, stefan.vanderwal@mt.com
Caustic soda most certainly is the best neutralizer for desalters but is typically overdosed (in large quantities). The solution is in proper desalter wash water pH measurement and control, so caustic can be fed just when needed. This will usually lead to huge savings on caustic consumption. pH control will reduce the residence time of the crude in the desalter as well as pH has a big influence on the oil-water demulsification speed. It all depends on the pH analyser which should be chosen carefully. We've got very good experience and results.