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Is there any simple tool for detecting passing among a valve (PSV,PCV,...)? I heard something about some pen type simple detectors for operators. Has anybody more information about this kind of tools?
30/11/2011 A: Aditya Mahobia, Essar Oil Ltd, aditya.mahobia@essar.com
We also use an acoustic meter to detect it. In fact we are also procuring a second meter from a good company based at Chennai. There are software calculations also, to quantify the losses.
05/10/2010 A: Vineet Singh, IOCL Panipat Refinery, SINGHVK007@GMAIL.COM
Use acoustic meter to check the passability of PSVs
05/10/2010 A: Balasubramanian Iyer, Nexen CNOOC Limited, balasubramanian.n@aol.in
We use Acoustic Meter for testing the healthiness of the PSVs and control Valves. It accurately tells whether any passing is present or not.