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Why are some reciprocating compressors using glycol for their cooling system in the recycle gas compressor while other don't have such as net gas booster compressor?
13/08/2019 A: Abhay Raj Mishra, Iocl, mishraar@indianoil.in
Normally Compressor manufacturer suggest glycol for demineralized water circulation in reciprocating compressor jacket cooling. It help for lowering the freezing point and viscosity of circulating water . It is very useful in cold weather environment. We have changed glycol mix water in our one system and started circulation without glycol but no any abnormality observed in packing cooling system.
12/08/2019 A: Nitin Mittal, HPCL Mittal Energy Limited, mitnit73@yahoo.co.in
Glycol is added in cooling water to avoid freezing of cooling water.