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I am interested in the forum's experience on (full) reusing of processing condensates from conventional Natural Gas / LPG steam reforming Units (from all major licensors). I have experience with an ex-KTI (Technip) based NG SMR whereby process condensates are fully a) fully reused in the BFW system post a simple air stripping for removal of dissolved CO2 and b) steam produced (at 40 barg) is used for both internal needs and export to other process user and a steam turbine / generator. The system operates as such successfully for many years. I understand that recent designs (and at higher steam pressures) call for either a) the steam not to be exported or b) a dual steam raising system one for internal consumption (where the process condensates can be recycled) and another for export steam on clean BFW. This, due to issues with organics difficult to be removed from the BFW and generated in the shift reactors.
Any experiences / views on this ?
30/05/2019 A: Prakash Pimparkar, Environmental Consulting Services , prakash.pimparkar@yahoo.in
AS per my assessment, this condensate would have trace quantities of volatile HC and gases like H2S/ NH3. The best way to use it would be to remove these impurities by A) air stripping for trace gasses removal followed by B) GAC filter for removal of trace volatile HCs C ) a Mixed bed polisher
So the scheme would be Stripper / GAC column/ MB column if you intend to feed it before existing MB unit the new MB can be avoided but a dedicated is always better from operational flexibility