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We are going to plan for introducing PFO in our delayed coking VR feed (not more that 5 MT/Hr). PFO having higher diolefine content. as i heard that it can create problem in down stream unit hydrocracker like gum formation. so kindly give your comments can we go for PFO introducing in VR feed? what actions we have to take before introducing PFO? can diolefins create problem in our heater? because previous study tells that high parafinic & napthanic feed not good as a feed for DCU but they didn't tell regarding diolefins.
19/12/2016 A: NS Murthy, Suez, murthy.ns.ext@suez.com
PFO, I guess it is Pyrolysis fuel oil. As such this oil will be relatively light (low mol wt) in comparison with conventional Coker feed, i.e. vac residue. It can be processed but will bring in high amount of aromatics which will again reappear in LCGO & HCGO. If the downstream hydrotreaters have capacity while the crude & vac units are not having, it will be good to push PFO thru Coker. As such one should look into other options for creating value to PFO rather than recycling thru Coker. PFO will be low in sulphur and hence certain pure di - tri or poly aromatics production may be worth examining.