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What is the advantage of heavy atmospheric gas oil draw in a crude column? Is it possible to provide a new heavy atmospheric gas oil draw for our crude column operating with 24 trays, diesel draw is between 11th and 12th tray, flash zone between 6th and 7th tray? Column operating pressure is 1.6kg/cm2 top. diesel draw temp is 300 degC.
11/06/2009 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
One must evaluate the entire crude distillation system -- for duty and hydraulic capacity--furnaces, heat exchangers, de-salter, vacuum tower,etc as well as disposition alternatives for the fractions 'cut' or 'drawn'. A heavy atmospheric gas oil would typically be charged to a hydrocracker or cat-cracker, or blended into the fuel oil pool.
The purpose of the AGO draw is to reduce loading on the vacuum heater and column AND also improve the heat recovery efficiency of the distillation train.
It IS NOT a trivial undertaking.