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We have a methanol-Water stripping column, which uses direct injection of LP steam for stripping.
I want to know if it is better to use reboiler instead of steam injection.
Is there is any advantage in using direct injection of steam in methanol-Water stripping column?
28/04/2012 A: manoj KUMAR, RIL, acer_asd@yahoo.co.in
Steam stripping is adopted where there are chances of decompostion of product due to high temperature. Steam stripping also has some advantages like in direct injection you utilises all maximum possible heat content of steam hence steam requirement would be lower. Since direct steam injection would not cause any effect on the product quality, it is often economical to use direct steam injection.
02/04/2011 A: S Banik, Centre for High Technology, sbdr@rediffmail.com
By providing a reboiler- kettle type, one theoretical stage is added and one stage makes a lot of difference. Control of direct steam at the bottom is bit difficult as invariably steam would be super heated. With a reboiler flow rate of steam could be better controlled.
06/12/2010 A: Celso Pajaro, Sulzer Chemtech, celso.pajaro@sulzer.com
Using Reboiler means higher capital expense, but you reduce your operational cost (water makeup to produce steam), also the amount of water coming out of the column will be reduced, and if this water is sent to a wastewater treatment, you are reducing the amount of waste water being sent.