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Does anybody use MDEA on Amine treating on FCC?
We proceed hydrotreating feed on FCC, and we use DEA on Amine treating. We want to switch DEA with MDEA.
What should I pay attention to during this switching?
16/08/2015 A: Prabhat Choudhary , IOCL, prabhatchoudhary26@gmail.com
I agree with Keith. But if you really want to replace, you have to look upon,,,
1. New circulation rate and further adequacy of related pumps.
2. H2S loading of rich amine.
3. Rich amine velocity limitations in rich amine line.
4. Rich amine to regenerator c/v two phase allowance.
25/09/2014 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
WHY do you want to change? MEA is more selective to H2S and rejects CO2 .