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In one of our furnaces we are facing problems with fuel oil dripping from burner blocks.
Atomising steam vs fuel oil dp is 2.5 kg/cm2 and fuel oil temperature is 170 deg C. Is the problem mainly due to improper atomisation or some problem in burners assembly adjustments, or insufficiency in air?
13/12/2012 A: Ricardo Correia, Portugal, jrmc1977@gmail.com
Do you change oil gun frequently?
Check oil temperature
12/01/2011 A: Mohamed S Banjar, Petrorabigh, Mohamed.Banjar@petrorabigh.com
Adjust oil temperature to provide the design oil viscosity.
Adjust oil gun to proper location in oil tile.
Adjust steam differential pressure
Clean oil gun
Change tip if it is eroding out the exit ports
10/12/2010 A: Syamantak Dhar, Indian Oil corporation Limited, syamantak.dhar@aol.in
Try these one by one and see how it works:-
1. Reduce the Fuel Pressure at the burner tip either by pinching the valves or by reducing the set pressure at the burner tip
2. Increase the viscosity of the FO so as to to match with the design viscosity, although personally I would suggest to go as high as the skin temperature of the Heater will permit.
3. Maximize the primary air to the burner
09/12/2010 A: Satyalal Chakravorty, Sr Consultant, satya1354@yahoo.co.in
Following area to be seen
1) Oil viscosity is as per design value at the burner tip
2) The velocity of steam in atomizing steam line to each burner should not be more than the acceptable values. Make a theoretical check. Also see that the superheat is maintained for the atomizing steam