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Obj: Increasing recovery of H2 by slightly compromising on H2 purity (from 99.99 to 99.90)
Present status: In one of our refineries, the recovery of H2 through pressure swing absorption is around 89.5%. Purity obtained in 99.99% whereas 99.90% is sufficient.
10/08/2015 A: ARUN RS, INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD, arunrskmr@gmail.com
but decreasing purity affects isomerisation catalyst in ISOM unit
01/07/2014 A: Yongwen Wu, Manchester University, hawlcat@hotmail.com
It depends on how much recovery can increase.
Moreover, decreasing make-up h2 purity not necessarily means increasing purges.
01/07/2014 A: Satish Angadi, Haldor topsoe, satish.angadi@gmail.com
This will need a cost-benefit analysis, Looks like a question for academic interest.
1) reduced hydrogen make,, means more tail gas generation...correspondingly less FG required...vice-versa applies...
2) increased recycle gas compressor(RGC) amperage(which I doubt) : for this you need to do a steady state simulation for hydrogen using unit. See if 99.9% purity MUG changes MW of recycle gas, and thereby influences RGC amps.
3) as long as reactor hydrogen partial pressure is above the "catalysts requirement", there is no gain, for this small Delta purity.
Unless it is revamp, I see no gain...