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My question relates to the minimum MAT activity that can be reached in an FCC unit. The main objective in one of our FCC units is maximum middles distillates, and we run this unit at very low severity. The MAT activity of the e-cat is 54-55%wt, with some punctual values of 52-53%wt.
We would like to decrease e-cat activity even further, but we have some concerns and doubts about potential problems that could arise, like definitive loss of cracking activity, significant increase in bottoms production, etc.
Has anyone experience running and FCC unit at MAT activity below 52-53%wt? What problems could appear with so low MAT activity?
06/07/2012 A: Vikas Badhan, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, vikasbadhan01@gmail.com
For maximizing the middle distillate, following options to be explored;
Operate the unit at low severity, Adjust the cut point of LCO in MF, Select the LCO selective catalyst.
Minimum MAT activity of cat. is required for smooth working of FCC gas plant.
23/01/2012 A: Virendra Kapoor, Petroleum Refining Consultants, vkkapoor9@yahoo.com
There are a number of more efficient and better ways to maximize middle distillates production side by side having a good and high conversion