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I would like to ask you about the problem that we are currently experiencing now is a sudden increase in differential pressure reading unusually for FILTER WATER Separate , And MICROFILTER . Which led to the change filter elements in each shipment quantity of up to 225000 litres only, although pursuing fuel shipments during the receipt, and the control checks of the fuel samples from the batch In terms of (water,sediments, appearance, electrical Conductivity and Density), All the results Within specification.
What are the expected reasons that may lead to this sudden rise and exit of the differential pressure reading for the allowable limit?
13/08/2018 A: Eric Vetters, ProCorr Consulting Services, ewvetters@yahoo.com
It is not clear from the question where your samples are being taken. If your samples are being taken downstream of the filters, that information on filtered product is of no value in determining what is plugging the filter as the filter is catching whatever it is.
It is possible that there are solids not being measured by your filterable solids test. Fine solids will sometimes pass through the filter paper in the test but a percentage of them can still be captured in the filter in the field. There can be chemical incompatibilities with some kinds of filter elements that can cause them to swell and have increased DP. Waxy material can sometimes plug filters as well.
If the feed to the filter is coming from a tank it is possible that a slug of solids from the bottom of the tank came through and plugged the filter. Such an event can occur if the tank level is drawn too low or if something happens to stir up the solids in the bottom of the tank.
There are any number of things that can cause filters to suddenly plug and it can often be very difficult to determine what caused it. It is impossible to tell what the cause is here from the data supplied.
08/08/2018 A: Sridhar Balakrishnan, Bharat Oman Refineries Limited , laksrid@yahoo.com
If the fuel samples passes in appearance , water electrical conductivity and density, perform the particulate contamination test. Result of this test could be the inference for the problem. Fine microfilters are choked due to rust or clay particles.