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In our CDU , recently we faced an leak between the joint of 3/4"neutralizer line and 24" overhead vapor line. On observing the leak, it was found to be corroded only near that joining location. The thgickness of the overhead line and neutralizer injection line were measured and found OK. The neutralizer line is joined to overhead line through a half coupling. The leak was on the halfcoupling also. Thickness of overhead line is 9 mm, halfcoupling is 6 mm and 3/4" neutralizer line is 5.56 mm. We are using neutralizing amine as neutralizer. pH is being maintained betweeen 5.5-6.5 and chlorides and Fe in atmos boot water is also under control. We are unable to find the reason for the leak. Are there any instances like this in other refineries? Please help.
09/05/2016 A: James Chacko, GE Power and Water, james.chacko@ge.com
It is not mentioned about availability of an injection quill in place. Simply an injection point is not enough.
In the absence of a quill properly fitted, this situation could repeat
28/04/2016 A: Mohamed Banjar, SA &PRC, banjarms@yahoo.com
Use proper correct injection quell will eliminate this problem. We had this problem before because the quell was installed in wrong direction