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On 5 June 2019 Crambeth Allen Publishing Ltd, publishers of PTQ, was acquired by Metropolis International, parent company of EMAP Publishing.

All of the staff are transferring with owner Nic Allen retaining a consultancy role going forward. The business will be run under Metropolis’s business to business division EMAP, reporting into Managing Director Richard Watts. Nic Allen, chief executive of Crambeth Allen said “We are really pleased to have found a new home for PTQ and digitalrefining.com. Since 1996 we have which provided the best information in the sector for engineers, written by engineers. We are sure the brands will prosper under Metropolis with its excellent history of growing and building media brands."

Robert Marr, chief executive of Metropolis said “We are really pleased to welcome PTQ, Digital Refining, and all the team to Metropolis. They are brands with a real connection and heritage in their sector, and we look forward to developing them with the current team. The acquisition continues the development of Metropolis and aligns with our vision of delivering sustainable profitable futures for well-managed media brands.”



PTQ/DigitalRefining Webinar Series


23 October 2018
Intelligently Predict and Prevent Corrosion across your Operations 

Missed the live presentation? You can still view this webinar HERE

The fight against corrosion never stops – it is a fact of life every day across Oil & Gas, Refining and Pipeline operations, what-if you could have insight into real-time corrosion rates in your process? 

Honeywell Predict® Corrosion Suite provides the next generation of corrosion management solutions, intelligent software providing real time corrosion quantification. Unlike conventional corrosion management methods, unique prediction models are employed that encapsulate deep domain expertise and extensive process data to correlate corrosion rates to specific process units, damage mechanisms, and operating conditions. 

Join us for a webcast focused on Predict®-RT, an industry award winning software that gives real-time visibility on internal corrosion in piping and equipment and enable proactive corrosion management across operations. 

Learn how you can evolve your corrosion management approach to:
· Understand - Use prediction models and what-if analyses to identify critical corrosion conditions and locations
· Monitor - See corrosion rates and correlate with operating data in real time
· Prioritize - Leverage up-to-date, real-time information for a proactive approach to deploying corrosion management resources

Using Honeywell’s tools, global leaders in Oil & Gas and Refining have achieved significant benefits in areas of safety & reliability, supply chain, operating & maintenance costs and capital expenditures. 

The webinar covers this exciting new software solution for corrosion prediction and management and highlights case studies demonstrating the significant benefits in the areas of safety & reliability, supply chain, operating and maintenance costs and capital expenditures gained from these solutions worldwide. The 45-minute presentation is followed by a 15-minute Q&A.

Presenter: Sridhar Srinivasan
Global Business Leader, Corrosion Center of Excellence
Honeywell Process Solutions


!0 October 2018
From hydrogen production to sulphur recovery - let ceramics pave the way

Missed the live presentation? You can still view this webinar HERE.

Learn how to boost the reliability and performance of your hydrogen production and sulphur recovery plants through the deployment of Blasch’s proven ceramic systems.

Benefits include:
• Higher plant reliability and much longer run-lengths
• 60 -90% faster installation times
• Capacity increase
• Annual energy savings of several hundred thousand dollars for SRUs
• Lower emissions

Flue gas tunnels in Steam Methane Reformers warp and fail causing non uniform flow and costly catalyst tube failures. In Sulphur Recovery Units, checker walls or choke rings in the reaction furnace collapse causing contaminant breakthroughs, downstream pressure buildup and catalyst poisoning. All of this results in more frequent and costly turnarounds and loss of precious production. See how these problems can be eliminated with Blasch’s innovative technologies.

This webinar will illustrate the design and technologies underpinning these robust solutions, followed by examples from a variety of case studies demonstrating the benefits from deployment of these systems worldwide. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by a live 15-minute Q&A.

Presenter: Uday Parekh
Senior Global Director, Energy and Chemicals
Blasch Precision Ceramics






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