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We've got a great draft line-up for Refining India, taking place in Delhi in September: Here's what it's looking like so far:

23 September Seminar

Crystaphase Pathways: Trailhead edition
Jump into this half-day introductory course covering the physics of fluids and foulants. Learn how sampling and analysis can reveal unseen issues—and what you can do about it. Discover why Crystaphase Pathways is the industry’s must-attend course on the dynamics of fixed-bed reactors.

24-25 September Conference


VS Shenoy
Director Refinery
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Keynote Address

Inaugural Address by Chief Guest
Sanjiv Singh
Indian Oil Corporation  Ltd

Innovations in Refining Sector – Successful Commercialization
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (R&D Centre)

Fuels Efficiency

Plan for Future Fuel Specification
Sachi N. Maiti
SNC Lavalin

Solution to Meeting Today’s Gasoline Specifications
DuPont Clean Technologies

Converting LCO to gasoline with high RON
Xu Youming

Energy Efficiency

Cost, Efficiency, and Environmental Considerations of Medium Voltage Electric Heating Technology
David Taylor/Christopher Molnar

Energy efficiency, optimized heat exchangers
Jay Jeong
Alfa Laval

Yield and Energy Efficient Refinery Operations

Improving Shale Oil Crude Heater Performance
Amarvir G Chilka
AG Furnace Improvements


Small Diameter Spherical Catalyst Carriers
Paul Szymborski
Saint-Gobain NorPro

Catalyst Technology
Rohit Irabatti

Making the Most of Your Change Out
Austin Schneider

Catalyst Technology
Tie-Pan Shi, Technical Director—International Business
HCpect (Qingdao Huicheng Environmental Technology Co Ltd)

Rejuvenated Catalyst for Reducing Operating Costs
Guillaume Vincent/Amit Tiwari

Digital Developments

Virtual Steps to Leaner, More Informed Operations
Manu Kaushal

Digital Twin for Analysis and Decision Making
Aditya Behl and John Roffel

Digital Developments
Murali Krishnan T

Utilization of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Refinery
Ronny McMurray

Digital Twin Enables Performance Assessment and Expert Guidance for Reciprocating Compressors
Graeme Russell/Sietse Bootsma

IMO 2020 and Clean Fuels 

What IMO 2020 Cap Means for Shippers/Logistics Service   Providers
Anand Chourikar
Tech Mahindra

Marine Fuels Post 2020: Higher demand for Distillate
Sushree Chaudhuri, Process Engineering
Fluor India

Completing the journey to BS–VI fuels
IOCL (R&D Centre)

Challenges of BS VI Fuels Production Deadlines
Engineers India Ltd

Process & Equipment 

First Commercial Methaformer
Stephen Sims

Create a Better Bottom Line in the Bottom of the Barrel
Vic Scalco
General Atomics

A Breakthrough Solid Acid Alkylation Technology
Samir Saxena/Rakesh Singh

Improve Compressors for Reliability & Maintenance
Terence Chuah/Hervé Ferraris

Re-Design of Vacuum Distillation Unit Booster Nozzle
Jesse Houle/Al Cadena
Graham Mfg

26 September Training
Graham Engineering
VacAdemics India: Improving the efficiency, reliability and performance of your vacuum process

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